About Us

Our gold business started nearly two decades ago when we decided to start selling our extensive selection of natural gold. We quickly realized the potential and consumer demand to purchase gold nuggets and gold specimens online and GoldNuggetSales.com was born. During that time we have built a proud reputation in the industry as an honest and trustworthy gold dealer with excellent customer service, reliability and integrity. With retirement approaching, we have brought on our business partner, Mike, to help grow and foster the business. Mike has developed our second website GoldNuggetsForSale.com with an unmatched selection of high quality gold nuggets and specimens from around the world.

Although natural gold is very rare, we do see a fair amount of it in this business. The majority of it does not meet our high standards of being jewelry investment grade and we turn down a lot of what we see - we hand select only the finest high grade gold nuggets and specimens for our inventory. The Gold Museum was created to highlight and showcase the rare and premier gold specimens - only the absolute "best of the best" investment and museum grade gold specimens from our travels and sourcing around the world are found here at The Gold Museum.

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Rare gold in quartz and rare gold specimens from around the world. The Gold Museum sells high quality and rare gold specimens, gold in quartz, crystalline gold, gold crystals, rare gold nuggets and huge gold nuggets. We only sell native and natural gold nuggets and gold specimens.